Police probe alleged Texas judge beating video

By the Associated Press | November 2, 2011 | 12:45 PM EDT

ROCKPORT, Texas (AP) — Police are investigating an online video that the person who posted it claims shows a Texas county judge beating his teenage daughter.

Rockport, Texas, Police Chief Tim Jayroe (JAY'-roh) said Wednesday that calls from people who saw the video prompted the investigation.

The video allegedly shows a man spanking his teenage daughter with a belt in a seven-minute ordeal. The person who posted the video claims to be the daughter of Aransas (uh-RAN'-zuhs) County Judge William Adams and says it was filmed in 2004. It was posted on YouTube last week.

Jayroe says he has not determined the identities of the people in the video nor whether any crimes were committed.

Calls to the judge's office were not returned. Efforts to reach the daughter have been unsuccessful.