Planned Parenthood Stops Seeing Medicaid Patients

By RICK CALLAHAN | June 21, 2011 | 3:45 PM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Medicaid patients are now paying for their own health services at Indiana's Planned Parenthood clinics or looking for alternatives after the group ran out of private donations that had been paying those patients' bills.

A state law that took effect in May denied Planned Parenthood Medicaid funds for general health services it provides to low-income women, including breast exams, birth control and Pap smears.

A federal judge is expected to rule by July 1 on Planned Parenthood's bid to block Indiana's new law.

Spokeswoman Kate Shepherd says about 9,300 Medicaid patients will see their Planned Parenthood services disrupted under Indiana's law.

She says the group had received more than $100,000 in private donations to pay those patients' bills, but that money ran out late Monday.