Piglet Found Running Around Hawaii Hotel Lobby

By the Associated Press | March 7, 2012 | 8:46 PM EST

This is a March 6, 2012 photo provided by the Hawaiian Humane Society of a small pig found wandering a hotel in Honolulu. The 5-week-old pig found running around a Honolulu hotel lobby will soon be available for adoption. Hotel guests called the Hawaiian Humane Society last week about the baby pig. It's not known how the female pig ended up in the hotel near the Honolulu International Airport. Humane society spokeswoman Tasha Tanimoto says the pig has been named Pukalani is being cared for and bottle-fed by a volunteer. (AP Photo/Hawaiian Humane Society, Kate Linton)

HONOLULU (AP) — Guests at a hotel near Honolulu's airport found a suckling pig in the lobby, but it wasn't on the menu of the luau.

They called the Hawaiian Humane Society last week, when a 5-week-old female pig was found running around the lobby. It was unclear how the piglet ended up there.

Humane society spokeswoman Tasha Tanimoto says the pig is healthy and has been named Pukalani. She will be available for adoption once she's a little older. Tanimoto says the piglet is being bottle-fed by a volunteer.

Humane society officials aren't sure of the pig's breed, but a veterinarian suspects she will grow to be quite large.

Pukalani has been getting attention on the humane society's Facebook page, where a duck is also advertised for adoption.