Petraeus Reveals That Son Served in Afghanistan

By Staff | March 16, 2011 | 5:37 PM EDT

Washington (AP) - Army Gen. David Petraeus says he has a personal stake in ensuring that the U.S. war objectives are met. His son, Stephen, recently finished a combat tour in Afghanistan, though it was kept "very quiet."

Petraeus made the comments after he was challenged by a North Carolina congressman to "be honest" about how long American troops might have to fight in Afghanistan,

In an emotional exchange with Republican Rep. Walter B. Jones, Petraeus said "if I ever felt that we couldn't achieve our objectives," he would be "very forthright" not only with his superiors in the military chain of command but also with President Barack Obama and members of the Congress.

Petraeus said his son, 2nd Lt. Stephen Petraeus, just completed a tour in Afghanistan.