Jordan on Obama’s Promises: ‘Every time, It’s Been Proven Wrong’

By Penny Starr | November 19, 2013 | 4:06 PM EST

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) ( Starr)

( – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said on Tuesday at The Heritage Foundation that the promises President Obama made about the Affordable Care Act have “been proven wrong.”

“Every single line they made – if you like your plan you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep it, your premiums are going to go down – they’re going to go down $2,500, the website’s going to work Oct. 1; now it’s going to work Nov. 30,” Jordan said. “Every time, it’s been proven wrong.”

Jordan made his remarks at the Conversations with Conservatives event in response to asking if Obama made a true or false statement when he said: "If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it.  No one will be able to take that away from you."

“They promised that your premiums were going to go down to the tune of $2,500, and they promised the website would work on Oct. 1, and now they’re promising that it’s going to work by Nov. 30, and they’re backing away from that,” Jordan said.

On April 1, 2010, a week after he signed the Affordable Care Act, Obama repeated the pledge he had frequently made during the national debate over the bill – vowing not only that people could keep their plan if they liked it, but that no one would be able to take it away from them in the future.

“So now that this bill is finally law, and all the folks who've been playing politics will finally have to confront the reality of what this reform is, they're also going to have to confront the reality of what it isn't,” Obama said in a speech.

“They'll have to finally acknowledge that this isn't a government takeover of our health-care system,” he said. “They'll see that if Americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor.

“And if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it,” Obama said. “No one will be able to take that away from you.

 “It hasn't happened yet,” Obama said. “It won't happen in the future.”