Couple Cancels Obamacare, Turns to Mid-Wife for Son’s Birth

By Penny Starr | June 4, 2014 | 7:24 PM EDT

President Barack Obama speaks at Temple Emanu-El Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, in Dallas, as he promotes his health care law. (AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News)

( – A couple in Texas who signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act told the Kaiser Health News that they canceled their coverage after struggling to get the doctor or hospital they wanted for pre-natal care and for their son’s birth.

Nick Robinson, who lives with his wife Rachel and their children in Dallas, said they found out about the pregnancy after Nick was laid off from his job. He found another job, but it did not offer health benefits. So he found a policy through the ACA just for his wife for about $400 a month, but none of the 28 doctors on the list were able to provide the care they sought.

"Some would just come right out and say, 'We don't take Obamacare,'" Rachel told Kaiser Health News in an article published on May 30. "Or the best one was, the doctor takes it here at the actual practice, but whatever hospital you use, that do all of our deliveries, does not take that insurance.’

"It was mind numbing," Rachel said, "because I was just sitting there thinking, 'I'm paying close to $400 a month just for me to have insurance that doesn't even work. So what am I paying for?"

Nick, who said he was at first excited about a policy that cost less and did not consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, was also frustrated with the experience.

"How could this not be working?" Nick told Kaiser Health News. "The United States government has set this up.

“It's this whole big deal; there's commercials everywhere saying we need to use this,’" Nick said. “And they're just saying, 'No, no, no,' and that just made me so mad.”

Kaiser Health News contacted Louis Adams, a spokesman for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas, the company through which the Robinsons had their policy. He said most of the 28 obstetricians said they would take Rachel’s plan.

But the couple decided to drop their ACA plan and sign up for a Christian, non-profit midwifery group where they paid cash upfront and then received reimbursement through the plan’s cost-sharing program, according to Kaiser Health News.

Rachel gave birth at home on April 28 to their third child, a son, whom they named Cash – after the singer Johnny Cash, not their payment for midwife services, according to Rick.