Pelosi's Acting Like It's Her House, Says Christian Group

By Monisha Bansal | July 7, 2008 | 8:06 PM EDT

( - Kicking off her first full day as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) held an "Open House for the People's House" reception Friday morning. The by-invitation-only event annoyed some who wanted face time with the speaker to discuss abortion.

"Speaker Pelosi cannot call it the people's house and then act like it's her house" Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, told Cybercast News Service after his group was "denied entrance" to the event.

Mahoney said he and six others from the Christian Defense Coalition were stopped by police officers and then by a member of Pelosi's staff.

"We expressed our concern that if Speaker Pelosi is interested in hearing all voices, all points of view, that if she is truly making it an 'open house for the people's house,' why were we not allowed to attend?" he asked.

Mahoney, who said he is a registered Democrat, charged that the event had been misrepresented.

"It should not have been billed as an open house ... it should have been billed as a gathering for the supporters and friends of Speaker Pelosi - which is fine, if that is what Speaker Pelosi wanted to do," he said.

"We were planning on attending so we could talk to Speaker Pelosi about ending the violence against women and children through abortion, working for social justice, working to strengthen America's families, and this kind of thing," Mahoney said.

"It's important to protect America's greatest natural resource, which is our children, to preserve our future, which is our children, and to work towards ending violence."

Mahoney said the "open house" was clearly a publicity stunt.

"We are concerned that the new Democratic leadership is not interested in hearing other views," he said.

Pelosi's office did not return multiple phone calls Friday seeking comment for this article.

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