Palin to Embark on East Coast Bus Tour

By BECKY BOHRER | May 26, 2011 | 2:29 PM EDT

FILE - In this May 2, 2011, file photo, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin waves during a fundraiser at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colo. Palin has authorized a feature-length film about her rise, added staff and recently said she has

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Sarah Palin is embarking on an East Coast tour this weekend, hitting historical sites that her political action committee calls key to the country's formation, survival, and growth.

Limited details of Palin's "One Nation" tour were released on the website of SarahPAC. The tour is beginning in Washington, D.C., and moving up the East Coast.

The tour comes as speculation mounts that Palin will enter the Republican presidential race.

She has authorized a feature-length film about her career, added staff and said she has "that fire in the belly" for a presidential bid.

Her supporters also are putting together a campaign-in-waiting in Iowa, the lead-off nominating caucus. And there are reports she bought a home in Arizona. Aides suggested she could put a campaign headquarters there if she goes forward.