Officials step up efforts to find missing toddler

By GLENN ADAMS | December 21, 2011 | 2:35 AM EST

This undated photo obtained from a facebook page shows missing toddler Alya Reynolds. Police in Maine are appealing to the public for help in locating the 20-month-old girl who was last seen Friday night. Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey held a news conference this afternoon to ask anyone with information about Ayla Reynolds to call police. Ayla's father called police yesterday morning to report that his daughter was not in her bed and couldn't be found. She was last seen sleeping at about 10 p.m. Friday by a family member. (AP Photo/obtained from Facebook)

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — The FBI is stepping up its effort to find a missing 20-year-old toddler as investigators comb through trash bins and pore over more than 100 leads.

Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey refuses to speculate on whether Ayla Reynolds is still alive, saying the investigation remains a missing-person case.

The FBI on Tuesday was doing door-to-door canvassing of neighbors to seek information and police were checking out trash bins across the city. A portion of a stream a few blocks from the home where Ayla was living was drained nearly dry so game wardens could get a better look at it.

Ayla was last seen when her father, Justin DiPietro, put her to bed Friday night. He reported her missing the following morning, saying he found her bed empty.