Obama's Approval Takes a Vacation--Drops to All-Time Low of 38%

August 23, 2011 - 1:37 PM

(CNSNews.com) - Only 38 percent of Americans say they approve of the way Barack Obama is handing his job as president, according to Gallup's daily tracking poll released today (which averages the president's approval over Gallup's previous three days of polling).

That is the lowest that Obama's approval has been in the daily tracking poll since he was inaugurated in January 2009.

54 percent of Americans in Gallup's daily tracking poll said they disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job as president. That ties the president's highest level of disapproval in the poll. Disapproval of Obama also rose as high as 54 percent in the 3-day period of Aug. 11-13.