Obama Urged to 'Put His Money Where His Mouth Is' on Charitable Giving

By Melanie Hunter-Omar | July 7, 2008 | 8:32 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - A conservative group is calling into question Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's commitment to the poor and needy after discovering he gave less than 1 percent of his income to charity.

Obama's campaign of change and reaching out to the needy contradicts with his willingness to "put his money where his mouth is" on the issue of social justice, Christian Defense Coalition said.

The group called Obama "just another hypocritical politician saying one thing on the campaign trail and living a lifestyle that contradicts his policies." The coalition suggested Obama change his campaign slogan from "Yes we can!" to "No I wouldn't!"

"Americans are growing weary of politicians who say one thing on the campaign trail but live their personal lives in sharp contrast to their public views. A politician's private life should match their public rhetoric," Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the group, said in a press release.

"How often do we hear of our elected officials lecturing us on global warming and then flying in private jets and driving large SUVs. Or, public officials talking about reaching out to the poor and living in mansions and spending hundreds of dollars on haircuts," he added.

"Sadly, Senator Obama now falls into that category of politicians not 'practicing what they preach.' By giving less than 1% of his income to charitable causes, he has shown a profound lack of compassion for the poor and needy," Mahoney said.

"He appears to be just another hypocritical leader who demands from others what he is unwilling to do himself. Our elected officials should never be able to separate public policy from private lifestyle," he said.

"So, the next time you hear Senator Obama talking about social programs realize he has no interest in getting personally involved. He only wants your money," Mahoney concluded.

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