Obama Says He Deserves A Second Term

By Susan Jones | February 6, 2012 | 12:05 PM EST

(CNSNews.com) - President Barack Obama joined NBC "Today" show anchor Matt Lauer on Sunday for a pre-Super-Bowl chat. when the talk inevitably turned to politics, Lauer asked the president about his comment three years ago, that if he couldn't turn the economy around in three years, he wouldn't deserve a second term.

Yesterday, Obama said he does deserve a second term -- but "we're not done."

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"When you and I sat down (three years ago), we were losing 750,000 jobs a month...Now we're creating 250,000," Obama told Lauer. "We created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. We created the most jobs since 2005... the most factory jobs since 1990. But we're not finished."

According to the Real Clear Politics poll average, Obama had a job approval rating of 48.5 percent as of Feb. 5. But almost as many people disapproved -- 46.5 percent.

However, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll gives President Obama a clear edge -- for the first time -- over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a hypothetical general-election matchup.

In a general-election test, Obama leads Romney 52 to 43 percent among all Americans; more narrowly, 51 to 45 percent, among registered voters, the Washington Post reported on Monday.