Obama’s Tax Hikes a Bad Idea, Actor Ricky Schroder Says

By Nicholas Ballasy | January 23, 2009 | 5:14 PM EST

(CNSNews.com) - Actor and childhood star Richard “Ricky” Schroder, Jr., told CNSNews.com that the election of Barack Obama did not change his life and Obama should not raise taxes on Americans.

The election of Obama, “It hasn’t changed my life,” Schroder told CNSNews.com on the red carpet at the Declare Yourself Inaugural Ball.

On the campaign trail, Obama vowed to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 a year. Schroder said that is a bad idea.

“I don’t think he should increase taxes on any Americans. I think we’re all paying enough taxes,” Schroder told CNSNews.com.

Schroder also said, “We’ll see,” if anything will change under Obama.

“We’ll have to see won’t we? I mean, that’s the problem with politics is that there’s a lot of speculation. And we have to give President-elect Obama a chance to set out his agenda and prove himself to the American people,” he said.
“I’m here to support him even though I didn’t vote for him. I’m here to support the transition of power, the peaceful transition of power that our country is the cornerstone of,” Schroder added.