Obama: Republicans Won't Work With Me Because They're Afraid of Rush Limbaugh

By Susan Jones | May 14, 2013 | 6:05 AM EDT

President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

(CNSNews.com) -

"What's blocking us right now is sort of hyper-partisanship in Washington that, frankly, I was hoping to overcome in 2008. And in the midst of crisis, I think the other party reacted -- rather than saying now is the time for us all to join together, decided to take a different path.

"My thinking was after we beat them in 2012, well, that might break the fever (laughter) -- and it's not quite broken yet. (more laughter.) But I am persistent. And I am staying at it.

"And I genuinely believe that there are actually Republicans out there who would like to work with us but they're fearful of their base and they're concerned about what Rush Limbaugh might say about them, and as a consequence, we get the kind of gridlock that makes people cynical about government and inhibits our progress."

Obama told the crowd he's no longer running for office, but then he complained about people who are "interested in winning elections," as Obama himself was just a few months ago:

"So the bottom line is this -- everybody is here to support the DNC, and I very much appreciate that. But I want everybody to understand that my intentions over the next three and a half years are to govern, because I don't have another race left.

"If we've got folks on the other side who are prepared to cooperate, that is great and we are ready to go. On the other hand, if there are folks who are more interested in winning elections than they are thinking about the next generation, then I want to make sure that there are consequences to that."

According to Obama, "One of the benefits of a second term is you start taking the long view. And what I know is, is that as long as we are pointing towards that true North, that eventually we'll get there. That's what this country has always done. That's what I expect will happen this time as well."

Obama did not mention the various scandals that have erupted in his second term -- including reports that the IRS targeted conservative groups for heightened scrutiny; the Justice Department secretly obtained the phone records of AP reporters; and continuing revelations about the Benghazi "talking points" and apparent coverup.

Speaking to wealthy donors in New York City Monday, President Obama mentioned the "hyper-partisanship" that he says is blocking his agenda, and he did so with a dig at conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh: