Obama Job Approval Lowest Among ‘Conservative’ States

By CNSNews.com Staff Writer | July 19, 2010 | 2:10 PM EDT

President Barack Obama speaks about exports, jobs, and the economy on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, in the East Room of the White House. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

(CNSNews.com) – New polling data from Gallup on President Barack Obama’s job approval show that he is least popular in those states where people self-identify as “conservative” – in states, for example, such as Alabama, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. At the same time, the numbers show Obama is most popular in the one area where more people self-identify as “liberals”: the District of Columbia.
A July 19 poll on Obama’s job approval showed he was least popular (lowest ranking and up) in Wyoming, with an approval rating of only 29 percent, followed by Utah, with 34 percent approval; West Virginia, 34 percent; Idaho, 34 percent; and Oklahoma, 37 percent.  (See related story.) 
An earlier Gallup poll from February ranked the most conservative states to the most liberal, including the District of Columbia. D.C. and Vermont ranked, respectively, as the most liberal with 36.3 percent and 28 percent of people self-identifying as liberals.
The most conservative states, however, were Alabama (49.4 percent self-identified as conservative), Mississippi (48.3 percent conservative), Louisiana (47.5 percent), Oklahoma (46.2 percent), Idaho (46.4 percent).
Combining the data reveals that in the most conservative state, Alabama, President Obama has an approval rating of 41 percent and a disapproval rating of 50 percent.
In Oklahoma (46.2 percent conservative), Obama has an approval rating of only 37 percent. In Utah (45.6 percent conservative), Obama’s approval rating is only 34 percent. In Wyoming (43.8 percent conservative), the president’s approval rating is only 29 percent.
For contrast, in the District of Columbia (36.3 percent self-identified as liberal), Obama’s job approval rating is 85 percent. In Hawaii – where 27.1 percent are conservative and 25.9 percent liberal – Obama’s approval rating is 68 percent. In Massachusetts (30.4 percent conservative and 29 percent liberal), the president’s approval rating is 56 percent.
Massachusetts and Vermont, along with the District of Columbia, “have the greatest percentage of self-identiifed liberals,” according to Gallup, while Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are “the most conservative states.”
“Whereas all states (excluding the District of Columbia) have more conservatives than liberals, Democrats have a numerical (if not a statistical) advantage in most states,” according to Gallup.
A comparison of the 10 most conservative and 10 most liberal states and their corresponding job approval ratings for President Obama is presented below.
Most Conservative, Obama Job Approval
1. Alabama, 41%
2. Mississippi, 47%
3. Louisiana, 43%
4. Idaho, 34%
5. Oklahoma, 37%
6. Utah, 34%
7. North Dakota, 44%
8. South Carolina, 45%
9. South Dakota, 46%
10. Arkansas, 40%
Most Liberal, Obama Job Approval
1. Dist. of Columbia, 85%
2. Massachusetts, 56%
3. Vermont, 54%
4. Oregon, 51%
5. New York, 57%
6. Hawaii, 68%
7. Washington, 51%
8. California, 56%
9. New Jersey, 52%
10. Connecticut, 57%
The data Gallup used to determine the most conservative and most liberal states came from “telephone interviews with 291,152 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted in 2009 as part of Gallup Poll Daily tracking,” according to the polling firm. The sampling error was +/- 1 percentage point.