NY Times Hires Its Version of A Conservative to Write Op-Ed Column

By Staff | March 12, 2009 | 5:43 AM EDT
New York (AP) - The New York Times says its newest opinion columnist is young and conservative.
The Times announced Wednesday that Ross G. Douthat (DOW'-thut) will write online columns for the newspaper beginning in mid-April. The columns will eventually appear in the print newspaper.
Douthat is a 29-year-old writer and editor at The Atlantic.
The announcement comes about two months after the paper ended a yearlong run by conservative columnist William Kristol.
According to the New York Times, Douthat’s writing “steers away from partisanship — he frequently criticizes Republicans — or doctrine, showing a concern for income inequality that is usually the terrain of more liberal writers. On abortion, he said in an interview, ‘I’m sort of a squishy pro-lifer,’ interested in finding areas of compromise. He initially favored the war in Iraq, but later opposed it.”
NY Times Hires Young Conservative Op-Ed Columnist