NY Archbishop Warns: 'Next Step Will Be Another Redefinition to Justify Multiple Partners and Infidelity'

By Terence P. Jeffrey | July 10, 2011 | 12:10 AM EDT

Pope John Paul II talked with then-Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan at the Vatican on June 30, 2003. Archbishop Dolan is now the leader of the archdiocese of New York, based in Manhattan. The archdiocese has a population of 2.5 million Catholics living in 400 parishes. (AP Photo/Massimo Sambucetti)

(CNSNews.com) - Roman Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York warned in a posting on his blog on Thursday that the next step that politicians will take after legalizing same-sex marriage--which New York did last month through a statute enacted by the state legislature and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo--may be an effort to redefine marriage to justify "multiple partners" and adultery.

"And now we ring the steeple bell again at this latest dilution of the authentic understanding of marriage, worried that the next step will be another redefinition to justify multiple partners and infidelity," wrote Archbishop Dolan. "If you think I’m exaggerating, within days of the passage of this bill, one major newspaper ran a flattering profile of a proponent of what was called 'nonmonogamy.' Apparently, 'nonmonogamy' is the idea that society is unrealistic to think that one man and one woman should remain faithful in marriage, and that openness to some infidelity should be the norm!"

On June 24, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo--who is divorced, lives with his girlfriend, and professes to be Catholic--signed a law legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of New York. The law had been passed by the state legislature, and was not put to a popular referendum of the people of New York.

Archbishop Dolan noted in his blog posting that New York politicians approved the same-sex marriage law on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist, who was beheaded by a tyrant for defending truth about marriage.

"Almost two weeks ago--hauntingly, on the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist, whom King Herod would behead because the saint dared to defend the God-given truth about marriage--our state sadly attempted a re-definition of marriage. Is there anything left to say?" wrote the archbishop.

In closing his blog posting, the archbishop wrote that faithful Catholics remain ready to face even the fate of St. Thomas More--who was executed by King Henry VIII--for defending the truth about marriage.

"Like St. Thomas More," said Archbishop Dolan, "we’re willing to take the heat and even lose our head from following a conscience properly formed by God’s revelation and the teaching of His Church, even if it is politically incorrect, and clashes with the King’s demands to re-define marriage."