North Korea's Nuke Disclosure Deal Expected Soon, Says Rice

By Nicholas Ballasy | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

Video Report ( - Communist North Korea is expected to "soon" issue a declaration about all of its nuclear weapons programs, and while verifying the information will be difficult, according to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, it could mark a major step towards removing the country from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terrorism List.

"Verifying an agreement with North Korea will be a serious challenge," Rice said in a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation last week. "This is the most secretive and opaque regime in the entire world."

North Korea is expected to release the information about its nuclear programs in a disclosure-deal that includes the United States, China, Japan, Russia and South Korea.

If North Korea agrees to shut down all of its nuclear programs, Rice said President George W. Bush would inform Congress that he wants to remove North Korea from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terrorism List and the U.S. Trading with the Enemy Act.

"In the next 45 days after that, before those actions go into effect, we would continue to assess the level of North Korean cooperation in helping to verify the accuracy and completeness of its declaration," said Rice. "And if that cooperation is insufficient, we will respond accordingly."

For the full report, watch the video.

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