No Basis for Legal Challenges, Law Group Says

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

( - A conservative constitutional law group says it is a "statistical impossibility" for Sen. John Kerry to win Ohio - and it says there is "no basis for legitimate legal challenges" stemming from the race in that state.

The Washington-based American Center for Law and Justice issued a statement on Wednesday, urging Sen. Kerry to concede the election because it's in the best interests of the country.

"President Bush has clearly won the undisputed popular vote by a historic margin and has won the Electoral College vote as well," said Jay Sekulow, the ACLJ's chief counsel.

Sekulow said while legal challenges may surface, "in our view, there is no valid legal reason to challenge the outcome" of the election in Ohio.

The ACLJ said its Election Law Compliance Team has analyzed the legal issues involved in possible challenges in Ohio and has concluded that there is no basis for legitimate legal challenges - but it stands ready to engage legal challenges, if necessary.

"There is no legal issue that will trigger a Supreme Court case in this presidential election," said Sekulow.

"While legal challenges may be brought, this election is over. There is no legitimate legal path that leads to the high court in Election 2004."

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