Nicholson Disputes Bradley's Claim That Bush Will Raise Taxes

By Dorothea Cooke | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Washington ( - Calling Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and Bill Bradley the "Frick and Frack of higher tax," Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson disputed charges made Tuesday by Bradley that GOP frontrunner George W Bush would raise taxes if elected. Nicholson said Bush has already signed a pledge promising no new tax hikes if elected president.

While on the campaign trail Tuesday Bradley said if elected president he would not increase taxes and claimed Bush would raise taxes if elected president. Said Bradley, "Tell Nicholson to ask George W. Bush to take a no new taxes pledge."

In response to Bradley Nicholson said, "Bulletin for Bill Bradley: George W. Bush has taken a pledge against new taxes. All six Republican candidates have signed a no new taxes pledge; the only candidates who haven't signed are Bradley and Gore."

Also at the press conference was Grover Norquist, president of the Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist said, "Earth to Bill Bradley. George W. Bush, like all the other Republican presidential candidates, has taken our taxpayer protection pledge. If he wishes to see it we will gladly send him a copy of Bush's pledge. In addition we will also send a blank copy of our pledge should Bradley wish to sign it."

Both Nicholson and Norquist said there are a large number of Democrats who have run for the Senate and the House who have signed the pledge, but no Democratic presidential candidate has ever signed it.