N.H. Republicans May Reject Proposed Contract for a State Health Insurance Exchange

By Susan Jones | February 2, 2011 | 10:23 AM EST

(CNSNews.com) - New Hampshire's plan to fulfill the requirements of the new health care law may run into a roadblock on Wednesday.

The New Hampshire Union-Leader reported that N.H. House Republicans are urging the rejection of a proposed contract that would create a state health insurance exchange for people and businesses that have trouble finding or affording health coverage. A House committee voted last month to accept federal funding for the contract, but in light of the health care law being struck down as unconstitutinal on Monday, Republican leaders say the contract should be nixed.

As Speaker of the House William O'Brien said in a statement, "It would be frivolous to spend taxpayer dollars on implementing a law that could very well be thrown out."

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