Newspaper Roundup for Wednesday, October 28, 2009

By Susan Jones | October 28, 2009 | 7:14 AM EDT

Washington Times:
Democratic donors rewarded with White House perks
Offered access to bowling alley, movie theater
Arizona Republic:
Did you leak confidential info? Maricopa County manager goes on witch hunt
Gives employees five days to come clean; Outrageous, employees say

Washington Times:
Constitutionality of health overhaul questioned
Legal scholars divided over Congress' authority
New York Times:
Obama's strategy: U.S. to Protect Populous Afghan Areas, Officials Say
Will stop short of all-out assault on Taliban
Washington Times:
Obama rallies for (way behind in polls) Deeds in Va.
Likens race for governor to his, as Democrat's poll numbers slip
New Jersey Star-Ledger:
Gov. Jon Corzine takes lead from Chris Christie in N.J. Gov race, poll says
Washington Times:
Crist steers clear of Obama during visit
Senate hopeful faces stimulus backlash
Washington Times:
Baucus balks at climate change legislation
Cites 'reservations' over 2020 target and powers granted EPA
Denver Post:
Colorado's Front Range braces for snow as forecast calls for big storm
As much as 18 inches expected in parts of metro Denver
Washington Times/AP:
Panel votes to regulate hedge funds
Los Angeles Times:
A visit to the medical marijuana doctor
Open secret: It's a cinch to get a marijuana 'prescription' in California
New York Times:
Anxious Crowds Meet Ad Hoc Swine Flu Police
Huge crowds gather amid willy-nilly nature of the vaccine’s distribution
Boston Globe:
Catholic Diocese altering rituals in swine flu precaution
Urges no shared wine, handshakes
Los Angeles Times:
L.A. County free H1N1 vaccine clinics overwhelmed
Fox News:
Schwarzenegger Sends Hidden 'F--k You' to Critic
Rebuke creatively hidden within a veto letter
Fox News:
Congressman Grayson Apologizes for 'K Street Whore' Comment
Fox News:
Federal Agencies Raise Alarm About Cruise Sewage
Denver Post:
More furlough days added for Colorado state employees
Boston Globe:
Doctor stabbed, attacker killed at bipolar clinic
Fox News:
San Francisco Approves Law to Protect Illegal Juveniles
Los Angeles Times:
Planned background checks for California's in-home healthcare workers are criticized
USA Today:
1-year poll shows changed views on Obama
Houston Chronicle:
Tough challenge for the next mayor: Reduce flooding
Houston Chronicle/AP:
FDA plans to prohibit sales of raw oysters from Gulf
Washington Post:
Alarming weight gain seen in kids on psych drugs
Washington Post:
Students plan to appeal penalty for racist symbols
Prince William officials recommend expulsion for August incident
San Francisco Chronicle:
Oops: School recalls student t-shirts with sex chat number
Houston Chronicle/World Entertainment News Network:
Do men cheat with younger women due to fear of dying?
Fox News/AP:
12 New Jersey Women Pose Nude for Prostate Awareness Calendar
Washington Post:
October is deadliest month of Afghanistan war
New York Times:
Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll
Washington Post:
States mismanage student information, study concludes
Collection systems for education appear vast and vulnerable
Palm Beach Post:
Plastic bottle explodes in Palm Springs boy's face as he tries to duplicate YouTube experiment
San Francisco Chronicle:
California state parks cutting lifeguards, programs, parking, restrooms
Washington POst:
Hostile climate at Senate hearing for skeptical James Inhofe
Senator stands up for oil drilling, U.S. jobs
St. Louis Times-Dispatch:
Former Anheuser-Busch exec sues, claims gender gap in pay, roles
Arizona Republic:
Poll: 61% of voters in Arizona approve Arpaio's job approach

Arizona Republic:
300 protest child-care fee hike

Obama kids have received swine flu shot

Lieberman again rolls a political hand grenade into Democrats’ tent

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Is Your Wife Hot...or Not? Dueling billboards in South Florida spark lawsuit

Providence Journal:
Bill to close loophole in RI prostitution law clears hurdle