Newspaper Roundup for Wednesday, October 24, 2012

By Susan Jones | October 24, 2012 | 7:53 AM EDT

Fox News:
Emails show that within hours, State Dep't knew that Benghazi was terror attack

Washington Post:
Plan for hunting terrorists signals U.S. intends to keep adding names to kill lists

Arizona Republic:
310 vials of 'date rape' drug found in vehicle trying to enter U.S.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Obamacare means higher taxes for some in 2013

Denver Post:
Colorado finds 300 more suspected noncitizens on voter rolls

Denver Post:
Mitt Romney says debates 'supercharged' his campaign

Jerusalem Post:
Gazans fire 60 rockets, mortar shells into Israel; 5 hurt

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
With mother critically ill, Claire McCaskill cancels campaign events this week

Fox News:
Climate scientist Michael Mann sues over comparison to child molester

Fox News:
Teen brothers charged with killing 12-year-old N.J. girl for her bike

The Hill:
Nation’s largest farm lobby to alter its position on the federal biofuel mandate

Denver Post:
PETA charges University of Colorado with abusing classroom lab animals

Voter tells Biden he's a 'good guy' but bad VP

Seattle Times/AP:
Log Cabin Republicans give Mitt Romney its "qualified endorsement" on Tuesday
Call it the right decision for the nation, but slammed Romney's opposition to gay marriage

Washington Times:
California governor takes risk with proposal to raise taxes

Miami Herald:
Miami-Dade commissioners tentatively agree to start meetings with nondenominational prayer

Poll: Elizabeth Warren opens up 6-point lead

Miami Herald:
City of Miami waives job qualifications for high-ranking staffers

Providence Journal:
Cranston Council votes to limit bird feeders to one per property to fight rat problem

Washington Times:
State Dept. spent time and money organizing int'l music tours before consulate burned