Newspaper Roundup for Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Susan Jones | April 11, 2012 | 9:00 AM EDT

New York Times:
Lenders Again Dealing Credit to Risky Clients
Credit card lenders gave out 1.1 million new cards to borrowers with damaged credit in December

Rush Limbaugh: The ‘establishment’ won
After Santorum dropped out

San Francisco Chronicle:
Special prosecutor to make announcement soon in Zimmerman case
Decision expected within 72 hours

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
Gov. Christie: More Americans 'sitting on a couch waiting for next government check'

Washington Times:
National initiative would disable stolen smartphones

New York Times:
How Exercise Can Prime the Brain for Addiction

USA Today:
Senators McCain, Lieberman seek arms for Syrian rebels

Chicago Sun-Times:
As murders rise, Emanuel pushes for tougher anti-gang law

Washington Times:
D.C. library official quits $164,500-a-year job, is rehired as consultant
Earns same pay for similar duties, but not subject to same personnel rules

USA Today:
FDA details blood clot risk on birth control pills

Washington Post:
Ex-D.C. private school teacher joins FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list

Houston Chronicle:
Court says Texas sperm donor owes no child support

USA Today:
Nearly 900 wrongly told they're admitted to UCLA

Creationism bill becomes law in Tenn.; Allows class discussion on evolution alternatives

Washington Post:
Acting GSA chief calls Las Vegas spree ‘completely unacceptable’

The Hill:
Online sales tax battle pits Amazon against Norquist and Sen. DeMint

Fox News:
Mom finds premature baby alive in morgue after 12 hours

San Francisco Chronicle:
Muslim Brotherhood suffers setback in Egypt

Los Angeles Daily News/AP:
5-year-old boy in Conn. brings heroin to school for show and tell
Stepfather arrested

Palm Beach Post:
Palm Beach police discover up to $2 million in bundled marijuana bricks on boat