Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009

By Susan Jones | September 29, 2009 | 7:02 AM EDT

USA Today:
RV sales surge; Leading indicator of the economy's health
Washington Times:
Musharraf: Afghan debate shows U.S. weak
Ex-president says Pakistan's intelligence agency not aiding Taliban

Boston Globe:
EPA suggests testing window caulk for PCBs
Schools, other buildings built or renovated between 1950-1978 may have issue

Washington Times:
Dollar's days of dominance may end

The Politico:
The Republican base is still wild about Sarah Palin
USA Today:
Health care comparisons help show best practices, prices

Washington Times:
Health workers spurn flu shot; industry weighs options
For some, jobs depend on it

Washington Times:
GOP takes 'targeted' health-care approach
No large alternative planned to rival Democrats' proposal
Providence Journal:
Republican governor says health care overhaul will burden state
Worries about additional mandates on states

Baucus, Kyl spar in Senate Finance Committee drama
Kyl defends Republicans’ right to argue amendments at length 

Washington Post:
U.S. Aims To Isolate Iran if Talks Fail
Sanctions Would Disrupt Global Trade Over Nuclear Issue

Washington Post:
U.S. says Taliban has a new haven in Pakistan

Washington Post:
Pork-laden defense bill lauded by White House; has billions in earmarks
Washington Post:
U.S. planning new overtures to Burma
Increased Humanitarian Aid, Round of Talks Aimed at Improving Relations

Washington Post/AP:
S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford reviewing how state-funded universities used their airplanes
Even as he faces scrutiny for his own travel practices

Washington Post:
Triple-A sees 'epidemic of distracted driving'
U.S. Transportation Secretary will host 2-day seminar beginning Wednesday

USA Today
Four teens charged in fatal beating of Chicago student
Taped beating comes as Obama pitches Chicago

Washington Times:
Workers' porn surfing rampant at federal agency
Number of cases overwhelms watchdog, costs taxpayers

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
'Night-texting' taking its toll on N.J. teens
Gallup: More Americans consuming news

Houston Chronicle:
Food stamp lines grow longer

Denver Post:
Pet-food industry enjoys strong sales in weak economy

Denver Post:
Tax credit for first-time buyers spurs Denver home sales

Houston Chronicle:
Flu forces Texas school system closure

White House works to fortify Senate majority

Washington Times:
Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate tries riding on Obama’s coattails
History goes against him in quest for governorship
Los Angeles Times:
L.A.'s ban on new digital billboards and supergraphics is upheld
Los Angeles Times:
Rate of major water main breaks in L.A. doubles over last year
Sprinkler use eyed as possible stressor
San Francisco Chronicle:
In California, water interests argue for new dams
State grappling with aging water-delivery network, growing population, worsening water quality, drought
Philadelphia Inquirer:
Education secretary urges longer school day, shorter summer break
Fox News:
Chia Obama Finds Home on CVS Shelves, After Walgreens Yanked Controversial Product

L.A. Times:
Suspicious behavior prompts LA authorities to detain man N.Y.-bound plane
Miami Herald:
Fewer Cubans are migrating to U.S.
New York Times:
Boxer, Kerry Set to Introduce Climate Bill in Senate
UK Prime Minister Brown targets crime in key speech
"Whenever and wherever there is anti-social behaviour, we will be there to fight it"

14-year-old English girl dies after getting cervical cancer vaccination