Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, November 6, 2012

By Susan Jones | November 6, 2012 | 8:09 AM EST

Washington Post:
Election ‘Day’? With early voting, it’s more like Election Month

If Obama loses, it would mean 'the death of the dream of liberal realignment'

If Romney loses, it would mean 'a painful process of self-examination and internal debate' for GOP

Signature developments of Washington during the Obama years: a flourishing F-bomb culture

If Obama wins, Boehner will hang tough on taxes

Newt: Bill Clinton ‘collecting IOUs’ for 2016
In case Hillary Clinton wants to run for president four years from now.

Washington Post:
In Iowa, Obama gets emotional in final campaign rally

Washington Post columnist:
At the end, 'Romney is an almost entirely different candidate'
'Romney was uplifting, optimistic and inspirational'

Washington Post:
For young workers, retirement hopes grow bleaker amid economic downturn

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Coming storm has strong potential for N.J. flooding

Greece braced for 48-hour strike amid crucial debate

John McCain: Veterans upset after Libya

Oops: NBC shows election night test results

Los Angeles Times:
Romney, facing difficult odds, remains undaunted

Congressional staffers dreading fiscal cliff slog

Huffington Post:
'The Last Waltz' for Obama; President sheds tears...

Chicago Sun-Times:
Illinois moves ahead on health insurance exchange

The Hill:
Dems concede GOP majority could get bigger in the House

Daily Kos:
President Obama crushes Romney in Hart's Location, New Hampshire

Fox News:
School Skit Features Romney Getting Punched

Chicago Tribune:
Montana man mauled to death by captive grizzly bears

Fox News:
Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls clouds Nevada voting

Fox News:
Top GOP senator blasts Obama's Libya claims after release of old interview

Brown, Warren wrap up Senate campaign in Mass.

Denver Post:
Boulder Catholic church plans to maintain anti-abortion display

Miami Herald:
Woman who drove on sidewalk must wear 'idiot' sign

Daily Mail:
World's tallest, scariest water slide is as high as a 14-story building

The Local:
Swedish firms prefer not to hire fat people: study