Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, November 27, 2012

By Susan Jones | November 27, 2012 | 10:18 AM EST

Washington Times:
Reid threatens rule change to limit GOP filibusters
McConnell hits back, says move threatens collegiality

Los Angeles Times:
San Bernardino council votes to slash budget more than $26 million

New York Post:
Fearless Mexican mayor who survived two assassination attempts is murdered

Washington Times:
Data show Hispanics more likely to relate to Democrats
Immigration bill may not help GOP

Providence Journal:
No tree lighting ceremony at R.I. State House this year

Washington Times:
Morsi’s power grab tests U.S. post-revolt tolerance

The Hill:
Poll: Obama holds 52 percent approval rating ahead of deficit talks

San Francisco Chronicle:
LGBT workplace rights scored in 137 cities
San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach and Los Angeles earned perfect scores

Fox News:
Illinois sets February primary for Jackson's open seat, winner would likely win general

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Traffic pollution tied to autism risk: study

Washington Times:
Feminism is passe, says Carla Bruni
Former French first lady supports gay marriage, adoption

Los Angeles Times:
Nicki Minaj dons crown of thorns in new 'Freedom' video

Washington Post:
Romney’s final share of the vote? You guessed it: 47 percent

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Obama to appear Friday at Pa. toy company to discuss fiscal cliff

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Airlines get tougher with overweight passengers

Nearly three-quarters of New Jerseyans approve of GOP Gov. Chris Christie
An unprecedented rating that even includes half of Democrats

Grover Norquist to Peter King: Don’t be a ‘weasel'

Poll: Most say no Benghazi coverup

Obama crafting executive order to keep digital systems safe from hackers and spies

Feinstein's record: 7.3 million votes, more than any other senator

Arizona Republic/USA Today:
Oil boom fuels income gains in small towns

Denver Post:
Medicaid expansion could cost Colorado $858 million over 10 years