Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, November 2, 2009

By Susan Jones | November 3, 2009 | 6:50 AM EST

Los Angeles Times:
Healthcare provision would require insurers to consider covering prayer treatments
Critics say it violates 'separation of church and state'
Houston Chronicle:
Houston Tea Party rally draws more than 10,000
Some voters feel like they no longer have a voice in Washington
The Hill:
Boehner regrets backing Scozzafava

Conservatives plan to challenge a dozen GOP candidates in 2010
Washington Post:
Democratic Rep. Jim Moran calls GOP the ‘Taliban Ticket’
St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Missouri levies sales tax on yoga classes, prompting spirituality debate
Denver Post:
Up to 225,000 Colo. drivers without valid license still on the road
New York Times:
Many, lacking paid sick days, aid a pandemic by coming to work sick
Washington Post:
Bullet sales booming
Obama-inspired shortage anticipated
Boston Globe:
State presses wind projects
Bill aims to ease gridlock around appeals process
New York Times:
Al Gore poised to become the first '“carbon billionaire'
Profiting from government policies that support his business investments
Racial disparity: All active House ethics probes focus on black lawmakers
San Francisco Chronicle:
Los Angeles council committee urges ban on cat declawing
Boston Globe/AP:
Court rejects abortion clinic buffers
Washington Times:
Aborted fetus cells used in beauty products
Fox News:
House Republicans Find 111 New 'Bureaucracies' in Health Care Bill
Fox News:
Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound
Palm Beach Post:
Consignment shop owner can keep American flag painted on North Palm Beach location
Boston Globe/Los Angeles Times:
Supreme Court debates mutual fund fee charges
St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Probation revoked for mom in baby's alcohol death
Washington Times:
Biden asks voters to send message to GOP
Campaigns in N.Y. election
Baltimore Sun:
Baltimore County enacts crime-fighting scrap metal law
USA Today:
Some airlines increase holiday travel surcharge
Washington Post:
Second Georgetown U. student hurt in anti-gay attacks
Washington Post:
Sarah Palin records a call for Virginia Republican Bob McDonnell
USA Today (Obama Worship):
'Obamas updating first family's image'
New York Times:
In Iowa, Second Thoughts on Obama
Michelle Obama launches mentoring program