Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, January 5, 2010

By Susan Jones | January 5, 2010 | 7:33 AM EST

Washington Post:
Yemeni officials, fearing backlash, play down partnership with U.S.
Chicago Sun-Times
It'll soon cost a buck to buy the Chicago Tribune
It nows costs 75 cents
Fox News/London Times:
Scientists: Dolphins Should Be Treated as 'Non-Human Persons'
Boston Globe:
A decision may be near on Cape Cod wind farm dispute
U.S. interior secretary orders parties to meet next week

Los Angeles Times:
Northrop Grumman moving headquarters from L.A. to Washington, D.C., area
Decision seen as a blow to the much-battered regional economy.
Chicago Sun-Times:
Shop class to be replaced with job-training programs
Los Angeles Times:
'Avatar' arouses conservatives' ire
3-D blockbuster called a 'deep expression of anti-Americanism'
Washington Times:
Democrats want to forego formal, public conference committee on health bills
Thwarting Republican efforts to stymie final bill
Washington Times:
Earmarks are more transparent but just as tough to vote down

Giving up smoking 'raises diabetes risk'
USA Today:
ESPN to launch 3-D network in June
Los Angeles Times:
At Consumer Electronics Show, 3-D TV will take center stage
Washington Post:
DOJ calls for FCC to release spectrum, focus on wireless broadband
Fox News/AP:
Health Care Countdown: Senate Bill Could Hit Middle Class Hard
Washington Post:
GOP retirements in House may affect party's gains in November
Iran blocks EU delegation visit
Washington Post:
Troubled heir to Johnson & Johnson fortune, 30-year-old Casey Johnson, dies
USA Today:
Underground bishop Yao dies at 87 in China
Spent years in prison for his beliefs
Fox News/The (UK) Sun:
Atheist Rapist Claims Rights Violated After Sharing Prison Cell With Christian Inmate
Los Angeles Times:
South African President Jacob Zuma marries wife No. 5
His polygamy has been criticized by women's rights and AIDS activists
Washington Times/AP:
IRS to start regulating paid tax preparers
Washington Post:
Testing of cocaine vaccine shows it does not fully blunt cravings for the drug
Washington Post:
Secret Service confirms third crasher at White House state dinner
Said to be a D.C. party promoter
USA Today:
Tiger Woods poses for 'Vanity Fair'
Washington Post:
Police posted to D.C. charter schools to help avert violence
Five things to watch at Obama's Tuesday terror meeting
TSA's echoes of John Ashcroft
'Big is bad' catches on in Congress
Republican and Democratic Governors Associations announce record hauls

Rep. Peter King weighs Senate run again

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on bomb plot

Philadelphia Inquirer:
N.J. bill on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants advances

Denver Post:
Colorado law makes preventive health care more affordable

New Hampshire Union-Leader:
Woman writes book about her year-long experiment following lifestyle tips of Oprah Winfrey
'I was a self-conscious ball of insecurity'

The Local:
Epiphany reignites Sweden's public holiday debate
It's a public holiday in only a handful of countries

Providence Journal:
Lincoln Chafee, running for R.I. governor, calls for tax hike

Providence Journal:
ACLU sues a local school board over closed meeting

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Extended cold could kill invasive iguanas