Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, February 1, 2011

By Susan Jones | February 1, 2011 | 8:39 AM EST

Fox News:
Report: U.S. Intel Officials Warn Wall Street Execs of Al Qaeda Plot

Houston Chronicle:
Violence keeps butterfly watchers out of Mexico

The Hill:
Liberals dismayed by Dems’ deficit-friendly job-creation agenda
Liberals are pushing for “Buy American” provisions

New York Times:
Sen. John Kerry: Allying Ourselves With the Next Egypt

White House scrambles to keep up with Egypt crisis
“We’re struggling to figure all this out,” said a top official

New York Times:
U.S. Scrambles to Size Up ElBaradei

Washington Times:
Energy panel leader expects push for more U.S. oil production
But this Democrat favors push for renewable-energy companies

The Hill:
Egypt crisis makes case for net neutrality, says ex-Obama tech chief
'Diversity and complexity in our network architectures is a very good thing'

Washington Times:
Key military, intelligence assets imperiled in Egypt

GOP seeks to slash foreign aid

Denver Post/AP:
Report: Immigration law not enforced consistently

The Hill:
New Jersey Dem Lautenberg urges end to ‘gun-show loophole’

Arizona Republic:
Phoenix-area gun store, ATF sting may be linked to border shootout
Senator links gun buy to border agent's death

Grassley warns ATF not to retaliate on whistleblowers
GOP senator has sought a briefing for his staff on the Gunrunner program

New York Times’s executive editor: Fox News breeds 'cynicism'

Arizona Republic:
Proposal to curb fraud at pharmacies raises concerns
City wants pharmacists to fingerprint people before handing out addictive medication

Republicans target long-term care program (CLASS Act)

The Hill:
Senate climate battle begins with two bills

Palm Beach Post:
U.S. Rep. West (R-Fla.) draws applause at constituents' meeting
Tough questions on Iraq service, Islam comments

Obama's help asked in fishing dispute
Gov. Patrick says federal regulators have rebuffed compromises with fishing industry

Washington Times:
$1 billion later, 'virtual fence' project scrapped
Not worth the high price tag, critics -- even supporters -- say

Boston Globe:
Romney rips Obama in new paperback

Bush daughter Barbara supports gay marriage

Boston Globe:
Hard turn right worries GOP moderates in N.H.

Los Angeles Times:
Unrest in Egypt stirs fears for global economy

Providence Journal:
R.I. lawmaker proposes changing Halloween to a Saturday holiday

USA Today:
Democratic senator seeks expiration for highway 'earmarks' that are not used
Introduced the Redistribution of Unspent Earmarks Act and the Use It or Lose It Act

Palm Beach Post:
CEO accused of stealing $60 million from company charged with DUI in Boca

Washington Post/AP:
Illinois Gov. signs historic civil unions law

Washington Post:
Legislative proposal puts abortion rights supporters on alert
They say the Republican bill alters the definition of rape

Boston Globe:
More snow could push roofs to breaking point