Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, December 27, 2011

By Susan Jones | December 27, 2011 | 10:49 AM EST

Miami Herald:
Absentee ballots key to Florida GOP primary
Number of Fla. voters who’ve requested absentee ballots soars

Fox News:
Republican Lawmakers Question AARP'S Tax-Free Profits From Product Endorsements

Fox News:
Gingrich Supported Romney Health Care Plan in 2006 Newsletter

Fox News:
Pro-Life Group Sues for Documents on U.S. Funding of New Hampshire Planned Parenthood

The Local:
Patient dies after nine-hour ER wait in Sweden

Houston Chronicle:
Houston-area man beaten, robbed of Jordan shoes

Providence Journal:
RI commission: Turbines in Newport would harm views

Arizona Republic:
Latino leaders demand Sheriff Joe Arpaio's resignation
Emboldened by court ruling, Justice Dept. action

Fox News:
Pelosi Spends Christmas at Posh Hawaiian Hotel

The Hill:
Obama enjoys jump in approval ratings after tax fight with GOP

USA Today:
Federal workers' pay gains are the slowest in 10 years

Washington Post:
Wealth gap grows between Capitol Hill, constituents

The Hill:
States scale back university funding
UC-Berkeley and other ‘public Ivies’ in fiscal peril

The Hill:
Ex-aide calls Rep. Ron Paul's foreign policy views 'pure lunacy

The Hill:
Unions, business groups on watch for recess appointments to labor board

Washington Post:
Violence explodes in Honduras as drug mafias expand their networks

USA Today:
Electric-car charger tax breaks ending as more EVs arrive

The Hill:
Court documents suggest Gingrich sought first divorce, not his ex-wife

Palm Beach Post:
Florida defends its denial of free tuition for homeless

Los Angeles Times:
Obama not only says 'God,' but also 'Christmas,' 'Christians'

Arizona Republic/AP:
Va. Tech feels pressure over suicidal students
College loses suit for not contacting senior's parents

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
N.J. coyote hunt begins in effort to stem canine encroachment

Fox News:
Al Qaeda Front Group Claims Baghdad Blasts