Newspaper Roundup for Thursday, April 29, 2010

By Susan Jones | April 29, 2010 | 7:43 AM EDT

Boston Globe:
Republican bill to block public benefits for illegal immigrants fails by narrow margin
Fewer oppose the bill, as calls grow to change the system
Washington Times:
White House seeks to soften Iran sanctions
Wants exemption for firms based in China and Russia
Washington Times:
Insurance-plan coverage for infertility urged
1 in 8 couples affected, bill sponsor says
Boston Globe:
Justice Department investigating Mass. health network for antitrust violations
New Jersey Star-Ledger:
Rutgers, NJIT discuss possible dismantling of University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Chicago Sun-Times:
Classes of 35 may violate fire code, teachers union says
Boston Globe:
Cape Wind OK’d in a first for the nation
Opponents vow lawsuit, continuing nine-year battle over alternative energy
Baltimore Sun:
Cape Winddecision could mean more renewable-energy projects along Atlantic coast
Houston Chronicle:
Six out of 10 Central American women raped while passing through Mexico to U.S.
New Hampshire Union-Leader:
N.H. Senate keeps 200-year-old adultery law on the books
Boston Globe:
NIMBY: Cape Cod residents voice sorrow over wind farm approval
'How can this happen in America?'
Fox News/AP:
Intel: Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud now believed to be alive
Boston Globe:
Kerry girds for fight to ratify arms pact
Hearings begin today on treaty with Russia
Reid tries to get around the Graham roadblock on immigration reform
Bill Clinton on immigration: New talent needed
Says U.S. needs newcomers for labor force and to pay taxes to finance retirees
San Francisco Chronicle:
SF Tourism chief opposes Arizona boycott
Denver Post:
Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidates back Arizona law
Washington Post:
Supreme Court overturns objection to cross on public land
USA Today:
Participation rate has Census officials 'dancing'
72 percent responded by mail
Chicago Sun-Times:
Wal-Mart agrees tounprecedented face-to-face meeting with organized labor
Last-ditch attempt to break stalemate that has stalled its planned Chicago expansion
Fox News:
Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns
Fox News:
Boy Scouts Offer New Merit Badge -- for Video Gaming
Los Angeles Times:
Greece's fiscal woes threaten the U.S.
Los Angeles Times:
Tensions rise over Haiti tent camps
Three months after the earthquake, schools and businesses want their land back.
Parental leave policy is erratic on Capitol Hill
Los Angeles Times:
Conservative Justice Scalia critical of conservatives in case involving domestic partner law
'Can't run a democracy' if you're afraid of having political positions known
Palm Beach Post:
Women seeking abortions could face forced ultrasounds
States test abortion limits
Washington Post/AP:
Bishop bans RI hosps from pro-health reform group
Washington Times:
If Crist leaves party, GOP donors vow to take cash back
Senate bid as independent iffy
Washington Times:
Porn peepers still working at SEC
Suspensions, resignations allowed despite 'termination' policy
Washington Times:
Republican Gov. McDonnell lets Va. troopers refer to Jesus in public prayer
Lifts a restriction imposed by former Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kane in 2008.
Washington Post:
To woo voters, Democrats plan to cast selves as party of results
Washington Times:
DNC Chair Tim Kaine dismisses grim Dem fall forecast
Democrats in denial, says RNC's Steele
Washington Post:
Nigeria among worst violators of freedom
Group says violence strikes both Muslims, Christians
USA Today:
In 2014, IRS will become health insurance enforcer
New Jersey Star-Ledger:
N.J. students who left class to protest Gov. Chris Christie's budget cuts are given minor punishments
New Jersey Star-Ledger:
President Barack Obama's educational adviser points out N.J. schools' success amid budget cuts
USA Today:
Ritz-Carlton: We 'deeply regret' handling of guests' racist request
Couple didn't want to be served by minorities

Arizona Republic:
Phoenix-area housing officials ignore HUD smoke-free rules
Providence Journal:
Providence bishop stirs new fracas over health care
Criticizes national Catholic Health Association for supporting the new health-care law
Providence Journal:
Scientists see upside to recent R.I. flooding
Could fuel record bloom of phytoplankton, part of Bay's food chain

Miami Herald:
Federal court ruling gives boost to victims of Chinese drywall