Newspaper Roundup for Monday, November 26, 2012

By Susan Jones | November 26, 2012 | 8:39 AM EST

Washington Post:
Sen. Corker: A plan to dodge the ‘fiscal cliff’

Providence Journal:
Shift in manufacturing industry brings higher wages, fewer jobs

Washington Times:
American Academy of Pediatrics wants to lift age restriction for birth control
Younger teens may get birth control pill

Washington Times:
Senators threaten to end aid to Egypt
Power grab stirs protest in Cairo

Washington Post:
Granny pods: New high-tech dwelling could change elder care

The Hhill:
Report: White House sought to draft rulebook for Romney on drone strikes

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Company promotes shipping containers as emergency housing

Fox News:
New York gets $27 million in federal funds to hire 5,000 Sandy cleanup workers

McCain urges immigration reform, leaving abortion 'alone'

Washington Times:
Confetti used at Macy's parade contained sensitive info

The Hill:
Report: Rep. Capito to run for West Virginia Sen. Rockefeller's seat

Washington Times:
Uneasy fix to ‘fiscal cliff’ in works; Both parties profess optimism

The Hill:
Insurgent group hits market in eastern Afghanistan bombing

Washington Times:
Few female Marines step forward for infantry

The Hill:
Sen. Graham ready to 'violate' anti-tax pledge for ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Chicago Tribune:
Lactose intolerance: When drinking school milk makes students feel sick

The Hill:
Report: Rep. King to step down as chairman of Homeland committee

The Hill:
Stopping veteran Dem retirements in 2014 is top priority for Reid, Schumer

The Hill:
Norquist slams tax pledge defector Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Arizona Republic:
Ariz. school district uses dogs to sniff out drugs