Newspaper Roundup for Monday, November 16, 2009

By Susan Jones | November 16, 2009 | 7:34 AM EST

USA Today:
Obama administration wants federal government to regulate local transit agencies
Following increase in subway and light-rail passenger injuries
New York Times:
Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform
Just as banks raised fees...
Boston Globe:
Doctors urge a focus on geriatrics
Prod medical schools as population ages
Providence Journal:
State panel to begin research on revenue stream from legalized marijuana
New York Times:
Money Trickles North as Mexicans Help unemployed Relatives
Fox News:
Administration Lowers Bar for Success in Afghanistan War, Seeks Exit Strategy

Houston Chronicle:
GOP’s latest foes hail from Tea Party
Republicans in 5 state races may find new fights on their right flanks
New York Times:
A Florida Republican, Gov. Crist, Becomes a Right-Wing Target

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
N.J. Gov.-elect Chris Christie plans to talk about taxes
Boston Globe:
US slaps Boston’s rerouting of trucks
City never asked for federal OK

USA Today:
State police forces shrink
San Francisco Chronicle:
California slashes the amount of money it will spend on the 2010 census
Experts warn of flawed count
Washington Times:
Black Panthers denounce 'new' Panthers
Say group accused of voter threats stole name
Washington Times:
Md. appeal: E-mail rant against governor is free speech
Washington Post:
Terrorism trials elicit strong opinions
Washington Times:
Environmental laws put gaps in Mexico border security

Chevron's lobbying campaign backfires
Washington Times:
U.S. troops battle both Taliban and their own rules
Defense Secretary Gates blocks release of detainee abuse pictures
Washington Post:
A 'feel-good' label for 'at-risk' kids?
School system relabels them 'at-promise' kids
Los Angeles Times:
Healthcare bills could jeopardize states' consumer protection laws

Boston Globe:
N.H. considers adoption program to perform upkeep at state parks
Houston Chronicle:
Farah Fawcett's family rocked by claims of secret lover
Palm Beach Post:
Gore's presentation on climate change draws 800 as 200 protestors gather outside

USA Today:
Quitters get a shot in the arm with smoking vaccine
USA Today:
More U.S. job hunters look for work in other nations
The Seattle Times:
UW 'vigilante' group tones down message, shifts focus

New York Post:
NY mulls $1 billion in new taxes on medical services
Jerusalem Post:
Unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence would not succeed, Israeli FM Says
Jerusalem Post:
Bill Clinton tells Palestinians, 'US policy on settlements has changed'
The Local:
Swedish town restricts 'immigrant weddings'
London Times:
Britain cuts down forests to keep ‘green’ power stations burning