Newspaper Roundup for Monday, November 14, 2011

By Susan Jones | November 14, 2011 | 8:11 AM EST

Politico/New York Times:
NYT: Chelsea Clinton to NBC News hires Chelsea Clinton
She'll work on stories for network's “Making a Difference” series

Los Angeles Times:
Atheists in U.S. military seek official recognition
Complains of religious bias, seeks same status as Christians, Jews and Muslims

Washington Post:
MS-13 gang is branching into underage prostitution, authorities say

Fox News:
Judge who freed Sandusky on bail volunteered at his charity, report says

Baltimore Sun:
Frederick Co., Md., wants to create laws to deter illegal immigrants

Los Angeles Times:
Obama: GOP lawmakers out of step with public on jobs bill
Says they may lose their jobs

Washington Times:
Gingrich ties fortunes to South Carolina
‘The race is wide open,’ state GOP chief says of early primary

Boston Herald:
Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren calls for 'nuanced' response to Iran nukes
Republicans blasts candidate’s ‘troubling’ stance

Houston Chronicle:
Days of cheap and abundant water are coming to an end for Texans

Chicago Sun-Times:
U of I football player, two others shot at party

The Hill:
CBS on defensive after Republican debate
Last half-hour was available only on live webcast -- that crashed

Chicago Sun-Times:
Bar owners say alcohol tax hike will kill business

Fox News/AP:
U.S. Treasury Calls Sanctions on Syria 'Effective'

Washington Times:
Romney, Gingrich would wage war on Iran

The Hill:
Gloria Cain says her husband 'totally respects women'

Washington Post:
Tax credits fueling green energy drive could vanish

USA Today:
More foreign students studying in USA

Arizona Republic:
Metro Phoenix hospitals are billing as much as $12,467 per vial of scorpion anti-venin

Los Angeles Times:
Shooting victim is tied to Occupy Oakland

The Hill:
Report questions whether lawmakers are trading stock on inside information

Washington Times:
National Cathedral holds 1st service since earthquake

The Hill:
Holder pushes back against GOP lawmakers over Fast and Furious
Actively confronting, rebuffing the serious concerns and disparaging remarks

Washington Times:
At Penn State’s stadium, profanity, scorn greet one father’s protest

USA Today:
Doctors see surge in newborns hooked on mothers' pain pills

USA Today:
Pedophiles infiltrate respected institutions to find victims

CBS News:
CBS News/NJ GOP debate: Winners and losers