Newspaper Roundup for Monday, January 4, 2010

By Susan Jones | January 4, 2010 | 7:06 AM EST

Washington Post:
Atheists challenge new Irish blasphemy law
Targets those who insult 'any religion, thereby causing outrage' among adherents
Washington Post:
EPA targets policy designed to protect trade secrets
Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law
Washington Times:
Obama distracted from terrorism threat by his ambitious domestic agenda, GOP says
President's priorities questioned
Fox News:
Senate Democrat asks S.C. attorney general not to challenge health care bill
Ben Nelson urges top attorney to 'call Off the dogs'
Fox News/Arizona Republic:
Immigrant advocate uses texting to warn of U.S. crime sweeps
Text messages intended to protect Latinos from racial profiling by sheriff's deputies
Los Angeles Times:
Homeowners forced to buy flood insurance after FEMA redraws maps

Washington Times/AP:
Senate weighs job creation vs. debt in jobs bill
Republicans refer to plan as the 'son of the stimulus'
San Francisco Chronicle:
California leaders seek budget help from D.C.

Obamas want to stay in Hawaii: Not ready to leave

Mitt Romney headed to Iowa

McCaskill Says DeMint is 'nuts’ to hold up Erroll Southers’s confirmation

Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: Choose Christianity

Rush Limbaugh says U.S. health system 'just fine'
Fox News/Wall Street Journal:
Iran Plans Large-Scale War Games
The Hill:
Iran denies entry to Sen. Kerry
New York Times:
After American evangelicals Visit, Uganda Weighs Death for Gays
With anemic attendance, is New England town meeting growing out of fashion?
The Hill:
Schumer: Penalize foreign airports that have lax security
Washington Post:
Crackdown on alcohol seen as part of conservative moment in Iraq
'Dozens of people' die in India cold wave

Beijing disrupted by record snowfall
Israeli foreign minister tells Israeli envoys not to grovel
'Stop turning the other cheek' whenever Israel is insulted
Los Angeles Times:
Supreme Court to weigh NFL and antitrust laws
Boston Globe:
Drummer’s anthrax case spurs a public health hunt
Disease linked to animal hide covering drums
Chicago Sun-Times/AP:
Top U.S. snowboarder suffers 'traumatic brain injury'
Boston Globe:
Fishing village builds a lobster trap Christmas tree
Metal traps stacked 40 feet high, decorated with buoys
Los Angeles Times:
Lawndale may rip out garlic plants for the sake of residents' noses
Washington Post/AP:
Networks blur policy of not paying for interviews
Morning news shows and prime-time magazines now fight tabloid fodder
Washington Times:
Postal boss moonlights for cash by sitting on corporate boards
Hiring provision allows outside employment
Washington Post:
Redskins fire Zorn after 2 seasons
Washington Post:
R.W. Apple's wife prepares to auction the legendary reporter's wine collection
Washington Post/AP:
Report: UK drinking culture strains health system
Arizona Republic:
New crackdown on drug smugglers stirs questions of legality
Some pot smugglers arrested in U.S. are being turned over to Mexico for prosecution
Houston Chronicle:
Texas studies idea of taxing drivers by the mile
Houston Chronicle:
New regional EPA chief is an activist

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Calif. pastor takes in $2.4M after donations plea
Jerusalem Post:
'Jordan is helping CIA in Afghanistan'
London Times:
Planned Muslim march through English town 'is an insult and a stunt'