Newspaper Roundup for Monday, January 28, 2013

By Susan Jones | January 28, 2013 | 10:27 AM EST

Houston Chronicle:
Diehard Lady Gaga fans line up a full week before her concert
Want to be 1st in 'Monster Pit'

Fox News:
Baltimore Raven linebacker uses Super Bowl spotlight to promote gay marriage

Washington Times:
Iran finger-chopping machine seen as political strategy

Senior citizens drive infrastructure spending
Mobility plays an underappreciated role in health and well-being

Washington Times:
Gays to National Geographic: Condemn Boy Scouts’ ‘anti-gay policy’ before new reality show

Miami Herald:
Rubio, Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ unveil bipartisan immigration deal

Denver Post:
Aurora theater shooting survivors will testify Mon. at Conn. gun violence panel

Obama, Biden to meet with police chiefs on guns

Providence Journal:
Brazil blaze recalls pain for RI fire survivors

Chicago Sun-Times:
Mom of 4 murdered children: ‘We need tougher gun laws’

Arizona Republic:
Arizona's new Legislature not demographically representative of population
More White, male and Republican than population

Boston Globe:
State law prevents Mass. from sharing mental health records with gun check database

Denver Post:
Boulder DA refused to sign indictment of Ramseys

Washington Times:
Sandy relief bill eats up taxes on the rich
Lawmakers to approve $50B

Barack Obama on the media

Fox News:
USPS raises price of stamps

Newt Gingrich: Listen to Rubio

Fox News:
Tancredo backs out of vow to smoke pot, now that it's legal in Colorado

USA Today:
Study: Nearly half of college-educated Americans overqualified for their jobs

Retirements bring big breaks for GOP, but road to Senate majority still steep