Newspaper Roundup for Monday, January 18, 2010

By Susan Jones | January 18, 2010 | 7:12 AM EST

New York Times:
Therapists report increase in couples arguing over 'save the planet' issues
NY Times analysis:
Experts Mull U.S. Role in Haiti After Cameras Leave
Is United States is taking on too much?
Washington Post:
Haitian President Preval largely absent in quake's aftermath

Washington Post:
Officials try to prevent Haitian earthquake refugees from coming to U.S.
Washington Times:
Social Security rarely uses E-Verify
Failed to run checks on its own employees nearly 20 percent of the time
Boston Globe:
Obama puts his political capital on the line in Massachusetts
Says he needs Martha Coakley to advance his agenda
New York Times:
Democrats Push to Salvage Coakley's Flailing Candidacy
San Francisco Chronicle:
Health-plan tax would hit California hard
Los Angeles Times:
Will Massachusetts be Obama's third-time charm or third strike?
Obama's efforts for N.J.'s Corzine, Virginia's Deeds didn't work...
Los Angeles Times:
Obama speaks from pulpit, noting progress and difficulty in America
Visits a church founded by freed slaves where MLK often spoke
Washington Post:
King service day co-founder: Holiday 'has long way to go'
Chicago Sun-Times:
Surprise birthday party for First Lady Michelle Obama
Massachusetts U.S. Senate race lacks key ingredient: Mitt Romney
Hasn’t appeared publicly with Scott Brown since late October
McConnell: Mass. Senate race is "referendum on national health care bill'

Coakley dismisses Schilling: 'Another Yankee fan'
Poll: Brown 48, Coakley 45
A Scott Brown win could spark legal battle
Boston Globe:
Government files about civil right era remain shielded from American public
Senator John Kerry leading push for release of MLK's FBI files

San Francisco Chronicle:
Illegal teen's arrest stirs fight over local sanctuary law
USA Today:
Communities put a halt to red-light cameras
Fox News/London Times:
Plan to Build Europe's Biggest Mosque Near Olympic Site Halted

The rules of war have been rewritten by Iraq, Afghanistan wars
Elizabeth Edwards' friends ask: How would you have acted?
'She’d be the first to tell you she’s opinionated, blunt and difficult'
Washington Times:
Lawmakers ready to spar over abortion
Turn focus to 'sensitive' issue
Burma's Supreme Court hears final Suu Kyi appeal
Fox News/AP:
Ex-Sen. Norm Coleman Won't Run for Minn. Governor
Fox News:
Chicago Bears Defensive End Gaines Adams Dies
Los Angeles Times:
Gay marriage supporters fear Supreme Court's ruling was an omen
Justices intervened to stop proceedings from airing online
Washington Times:
Pro-lifers to protest huge Houston clinic
Scorn location, abortion wing
Washington Times:
Muslim question persists in Army shooting
Signs missed at Fort Hood
Washington Times:
Denver Post owner plans bankruptcy filing
London Times:
Wave of suicide bombers storms Kabul
Arizona Republic:
Confidence about race relations down in U.S.
Providence Journal:
Students learn King’s legacy of nonviolence
'Why do people think war can solve problems,' students asked
Denver Post:
N.M. tribe hopes to profit from solar energy
New Hampshire Union-Leader:
EPA smog rule could put most of N.H. in violation of federal clean air laws
New Hampshire Union-Leader editorial:
Brown's big win: He's already done it
Baltimore Sun:
Screen children early to identify obesity, task force says
Baltimore Sun:
Poe descendants reject moving his body from Baltimore
St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Illinois officials ask feds exactly what's wrong with their levees
Feds on the verge of forcing homes and businesses to spend more for flood insurance
Sacramento Bee/AP:
Palin to make VIP appearance at Daytona 500

Sacramento Bee:
Student's expulsion for gun possession draws national attention