Newspaper Roundup: Gay man backed for Navy secretary

By Susan Jones | December 18, 2008 | 7:38 AM EST

Los Angeles Times:
L.A. council tightens gun, ammunition laws; lawsuit likely

Washington Times:
Gay man backed for Navy secretary
Denver Post:
Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard promoting documentary directed by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter

Washington Post:
Fed plan to print vast sums of cash dilute value of the dollar
Houston Chronicle:
Judge's daughter sues driver she hit while driving drunk
Boston Globe:
Layoffs, service cuts at hospital in Boston
Washington Post:
Is the Obama Cabinet Too Conservative?

Boston Globe:
Students sue CIA for files on journalist Daniel Pearl
Georgetown class investigates killing
Washington Times:
Pope, Wal-Mart hail new culture of thrift

Washington Post/AP:
Bethlehem mayor: Pope to visit in May
USA Today:
Caroline Kennedy says publicly she wants Senate seat; Mimics Hillary’s ‘listening tour’
Boston Globe:
Massachusetts makes its stimulus wish list
Chicago Sun-Times:
Senator sorry for Polish joke
Boston Globe:
Judge jails Muslim woman over scarf
Chicago Sun-Times:
Charter schools Obama praised ripped at board meeting

Boston Globe:
Conservationists sue to stop sale of drilling leases in Utah
Philadelphia Inquirer:
Bush's controversial FCC chief loses power already
Fox News:
Obama's Rev. Warren Inaugural Pick Sparks Gay Fury
USA Today:
Study tracks disasters, odds of dodging death

USA Today:
Storm-ravaged Galveston faces 'disaster tourism' dilemma
Jerusalem Post:
Who is calling the shots in Hamas?

Iraqi ministry officials arrested