Newspaper Roundup for Friday, December 28, 2012

By Susan Jones | December 28, 2012 | 9:11 AM EST

Deseret News:
Lack of congressional action may boost milk prices up to $8 a gallon

San Francisco Chronicle/NY Times:
Los Angeles poised to ban circus elephants

Fox News:
Breaking: Three cops shot inside New Jersey police station

White House petition: Label Westboro church a hate group

Fox News:
Attorney claims EPA chief resigned over alias email accounts

Washington Times:
Missing dads is a problem 
not only in poor homes
Many wealthy parents 
are married to careers

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
Staggering amount of nonfatal N.J. shootings go unsolved, statistics show

USA Today/Military Times:
Half of women sent to Iraq or Afghanistan report being sexually harassed

Miami Herald:
Jacksonville teen arrested after carrying gun into theater

New York Times:
Betrayed While Asleep, Afghan Police Die at Hands of Their Countrymen

Chicago Tribune:
Fatal shooting appears to have pushed city's homicide toll to 500

New York Times:
F.B.I. Counterterrorism Agents Monitored Occupy Movement, Records Show

Washington Post:
Looming strike at docks would cripple key U.S. ports, hurt economy

Miami Herald:
George Zimmerman sued over unpaid security bill

Los Angeles Times:
Afghan female air force pilots -- trained in U.S. -- left grounded back home

Fox News:
Mexico Asks US to Halt Parts of Arizona's SB1070 Immigration Law

Christian Science Monitor:
Benazir Bhutto's son takes up the family trade in Pakistan

Christian Science Monitor:
Los Angeles collects most guns ever, in post-Newtown buyback event

Denver Post:
Coyotes on Boulder path threaten two people in separate incidents

Denver Post:
Colorado national lab and industry team to turn grass into gasoline

Fox News:
Blogger publishes names, address of newspaper staff that did the same to gun owners