Newspaper Roundup for Friday, December 11, 2009

By Susan Jones | December 11, 2009 | 7:20 AM EST

Los Angeles Times:
U.S. House OKs $3.9 billion in earmarks in spending bill
USA Today:
Federal salaries explode; More federal workers getting 6-figure salaries
Miami Herald:
Rebellion growing against bigh-spending Florida GOP leader
Boston Globe:
Island off Mass. welcomes plans for a wind farm
Fox News:
North Dakota Homeowner ready to fight for his turbine
39-foot wind turbine he built in his backyarddoes not meet zoning code
Fox News:
CDC: H1N1 Has Sickened 50 Million, Killed 10,000 in U.S.
That means about 1 in 6 Americans have had the illness
Washington Times:
University of Colorado bans toy Nerf guns
Fox News:
Pelosi Signals Support for Senate Medicare Deal
Proposal would open government-run Medicare to some people ages 55 to 64
Fox News:
'Christmas' card selected by the Obamas does not mention Christmas
Season's greetings, joyous holiday
USA Today:
Sarah Palin liked Obama's Nobel speech
Says he's taking a cue from her
Arizona Republic:
Napolitano: Immigration reform still a priority
USA Today:
Fort Hood ups challenge to recruit Muslim, Arab troops
Washington Times:
Immigration database adding self-check option
Workers can pre-screen themselves with E-Verify
Fox News/AP:
Fast-Growing Christian Churches Crushed in China
Los Angeles Times:
Few troubled mortgages being modified permanently
Fox News:
Fox News Poll: Obama's Job Approval Rating Regains Some Ground
Los Angeles Times:
Goldman Sachs scraps cash bonuses for 30 top executives
Fox News:
Reporter, Fired for Anti-Gay Marriage E-Mail, Claims Wrongful Termination
Washington Post:
Defense Dept. faulted for not taping detainee
Washington Times/AP:
Police shoot, kill illegal peddler suspect in Times Square
Gunfire in tourist mecca
Boston Globe:
New media spread the word on H1N1
Twitter, YouTube messages aimed at public
Boston Globe:
Boston can’t force hybrid taxi switch, judge rules
Washington Post:
Blackwater tied to clandestine CIA raids
Firm's personnel were drawn into operations on ad-hoc basis
Palm Beach Post:
Zoning changes mean a Wal-Mart will replace a trailer park
The UK Telegraph:
Scientists decode monkey noises; key to human language?

The Guardian (UK):
'UK issues new guidance on labeling of food from illegal West Bank settlements'
The Local:
Swedish parliament sets tougher limits for disability benefits
Changes designed to get more people back into the workforce