Newspaper Roundup for Feb. 17, 2009

By Susan Jones | February 17, 2009 | 7:28 AM EST

ABC News:
Members of Congress Travel Free on Taxpayers' Dime After Blasting CEOs
U.S. Air Force Flies Bipartisan Congressional Group to Europe to 'Build Relationships'
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
In Wisconsin, 2 lawmakers could control state stimulus funds

Deseret News:
Ethanol mandate a flop

Washington Times:
Postmaster General got $800,000 in pay, perks
Raise came amid calls for cuts in delivery
Japan’s finance minister steps down; admits he was drunk at G-7 meeting
Philadelphia Inquirer:
Unions, employers gearing up for card check battle
Denver Post/AP:
Kansas suspends income tax refunds
Russia, seeking influence in region, will aid Bolivia’s anti-drug fight
USA Today:
Reported cyberattacks on federal computer data soar
Attempts to steal sensitive data
USA Today:
Credit card reform gets another look
Boston Globe:
Homeless families face strict new rules on work, behavior
Some say many will be forced into streets
Rocky Mountain News:
El Paso County clerk's solution to budget cuts: don't answer phones
ABC News/
Bristol Palin Speaks Out on Teen Motherhood
Washington Post:
Late Change in Course Hobbled Rollout of Geithner's Bank Plan
Geithner decided strategies under consideration were too expensive
Washington Post:
GM, Chrysler Finalize Plans To Restructure
Billions of Dollars in U.S. Aid at Stake
Boston Globe:
Paid sex, then extortion threats, bring debate over identifying those involved
Prostitute charged; man not yet unnamed
South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Bullets flying off shelves as gun owners stock up
Fox News/AP:
New York Senator Moves Guns From Under Her Bed
Washington Post:
Homeland Security Dept. Aided Md. Spying
Gave Information to State Police
Arizona Republic:
Resurgence of meth labs in Arizona feared
Mexico's crackdown expected to cause production to rise in Ariz.
Fox News:
Report: 'Game-Changing' U.S. Strategy Urgently Needed in Afghanistan
Washington Post:
Economy Strains Under Weight of Unsold Items
Boston Globe:
For some car buyers, worry takes a back seat to deals
Fox News:
Muslim Television Channel Founder Charged With Beheading His Wife
Concord Monitor:
Ex-presidential candidate Romney selling 2 homes
Los Angeles Times:
Former President Clinton pushes green energy during L.A. stop
Afghanistan civilian deaths soar
Washington Post:
Across Nation, Some TV Stations Go Digital Tonight
San Francisco Chronicle:
S.F. school district sued over alleged bullying
Boston Globe/NY Times:
Bomb kills Taliban leader, ends humiliating affront