Newspaper Roundup for Feb. 13, 2009

By Susan Jones | February 13, 2009 | 7:36 AM EST

Los Angeles Times:
New L.A. gun control law proposed
Would bar guns for those with certain misdemeanors
Boston Globe:
In stunning shift, Gregg pulls out
Washington Times:
Rahm Emanuel: White House not 'amateur hour'
Washington Post:
Financial Crisis Called Top Security Threat to U.S.
Stimulus deal could mean $26 billion for California
But not enough to stop tax hikes or spending cuts
Miami Herald:
GOP seethes over Charlie Crist's stimulus-plan support
Rocky Mountain News:
Home builders bummed by stimulus plans
Lowered tax credit won't provide much stimulus, they fear
Washington Post:
At Wal-Mart, a Health-Care Turnaround
Once Criticized, Company Is Now an Innovator in Employee Coverage
Washington Times:
Deported for drugs, illegal sues rancher
Washington Post Columnist:
Bloviation vs. Reality on Stimulus Health-Care Provision
Chicago Sun-Times:
Patients waiting in ER offered free HIV test
Boston Globe:
Maine sex offender first in US to be committed by federal court
San Francisco Chronicle:
S.F. mayor backs mandatory earthquake retrofits
Arizona Republic:
Candymakers make bittersweet move to Mexico
Houston Chronicle:
Army suspends all recruiting nationwide on Friday
Recruiters describe nightmare of job
Arizona Republic/AP:
New Canadian police policy restricts stun gun use
San Francisco Chronicle:
Hundreds of students went to class armed, S.F. study finds
USA Today:
Teen smokers pick Marlboro as favorite cigarettes
San Francisco Chronicle:
New guidelines for tracking consumers online
Jerusalem Post:
Cyprus unloads suspected Gaza-bound Iranian arms ship
Hamas set for truce with Israel

Fox News:
Democrats Consider Reviving 'Fairness Doctrine'
Microsoft offers bounty for worm creator
Fox News:
Woman's Record-Breaking Fingernails Shattered in Crash