Newspaper Roundup for Feb. 12

By Susan Jones | February 12, 2009 | 7:25 AM EST

Obama’s housing plan to use taxpayers’ money to cut interest rates for struggling borrowers
San Francisco Chronicle:
Pessimism up for business leaders, survey says
Bank of America, JPMorgan May Flee Bailout After Public Lashing
New York Times:
Ethanol, Just Recently a Savior, Is Struggling

Washington Times:
D.C. voting rights advances in Senate

Fox News/AP:
Prince Harry to Attend 'Equality and Diversity' Course After Race Gaffes

Boston Globe:
Catholic symbols stir diverse feelings at Boston College
Some protest, some applaud, and some don't notice
Washington Times:
Congress adds billions to stalled energy plan

Chicago Sun-Times:
Blago: State lawmakers cheat on spouses, drink too much
Boston Globe/AP:
Congressman's online Twitter posts raise security concerns
Boston Globe:
Bills would limit government's use of the "state secrets" privilege
Washington Post:
In Record Numbers, Employers Move to Block Unemployment Payouts
San Francisco Chronicle:
Beer, nudity banned in Bay to Breakers race
Washington Post:
DC Considers 5-Cent Charge on Paper and Plastic Bags to Aid River Cleanup
Millions 'opt for do-it-yourself dentistry'
Washington Post:
Autism Coverage Bill Fails
Senate's Move, House Panel's Inaction Anger Advocates
USA Today:
4 southern states, among last holdouts, eye open-carry gun laws
'Hitmen' held over Mexico murders
Pioneer announces 10,000 job cuts

Washington Post:
Lost U.S. Weapons May Be Going to Taliban, GAO Says

Washington Post/AP:
67 computers missing from U.S. nuclear weapons lab

Washington Times:
Envoys rush to Moscow to save key base
Kyrgyz issue tests relations
Pakistan admits India attack link
Rocky Mountain News:
CU students planning same-sex make-out session Friday
Denver Post:
Boulder students want to rename school for Obama
South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
FAU students send message with Sexually Responsible Bed Race