Newspaper Roundup for Aug. 4, 2009

By Susan Jones | August 4, 2009 | 6:56 AM EDT

Washington Post:
Top Cybersecurity Aide At White House Resigns
Points to Obama’s delay in appointing a cybersecurity coordinator
Fox News:
White House Counsel's Job Is at Stake
Rocky tenure for Gregory Craig

Denver Post:
Idea of urban bike parks gains traction along Colorado’s Front Range
Bringing the backcountry sports experience to the front country
USA Today:
States give cyclists room to ride
Denver Post:
Denver City Council OKs protecting views from Coors Field
Property owner says restriction will cost him $1 million

Washington Times:
Gun foes see new hope with Sotomayor
Aim to break grip of NRA

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
Christie widens lead over Corzine in new poll
Washington Times:
Republicans closing gap in polls
Showing gains in races for Congress, governor

Boston Globe:
Boston disease trackers unveil ‘safer-sex campaign’ for adolescents
Using teens’ preferred modes of communication: Facebook, YouTube, cable channels
Washington Post:
Saudi School Expansion Approved
Zoning Exemption Opposed by Some Neighbors, Activists
Washington Times:
U.S. seeks to protect Iran terror group
Iraqis urged to keep camp

New York Times:
Obama is not moderating Bush administration’s tough policy on immigration enforcement
Recent blitz of measures antagonizes immigrant groups and Obama’s Hispanic supporters

New  York Times:
Obama Administration Weighs in on State Secrets, Raising Concern on the Left
Boston Globe:
Harold and Howard Koh: Washington’s power brothers
Kohs shape policy in law and health
Houston Chronicle:
Visit Mexico City and get health care free
Just pay for the vacation

Environmental movement can be harnessed to boost economic prosperity and cure urban ills
So says Obama’s green jobs czar

Washington Post:
Strategy On Flu Under Revision
U.S. Officials to Put Less Emphasis on School Closings

Los Angeles Times:
Pneumonia vaccine may help limit swine flu deaths

Boston Globe:
Police say driver in sixth DUI had brandy in his lap
‘This is what I do,’ he allegedly told police
Democrats’ face voter backlash on summer recess

Clock ticking on bipartisan Senate health care bill
Top Dems give Baucus’ committee until Sept. 15 to strike bipartisan deal

Republicans see chance for North Dakota Senate seat

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Democrat Rep. Joe Sestak ready to announce he'll take on Specter
South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Navy to build warfare training area off Jacksonville

Houston Chronicle:
ICE nabs 25 foreign-born sex offenders in Houston area
Washington Times:
Mental illness tidal wave swamps New Orleans
City's care system shrinking, coming undone

Boston Globe:
State warns on bottles with BPA
Chemical may pose danger for children;

Australia detains terror suspects
Group planning to attack army base

New Jersey Star-Ledger/AP:
Terrorism drill focuses on waters near Verrazano Bridge

Domestic dog origins challenged