New Yorkers Ponder New Version of Clinton-Gore

By Jeff McKay | July 7, 2008 | 8:27 PM EDT

( - After spending eight years with Bill Clinton in Washington, it appears Al Gore will be following his boss to New York City. Columbia University has offered the former vice president and presidential candidate the chance to become a visiting professor in the prestigious Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

Gore will teach a course called "Covering National Affairs in the Information Age," which looks at politics from the perspective of journalists and politicians.

Tom Goldstein, the dean of the Columbia Journalism School says, "This is a great opportunity for the students and the school. His unique insights will show students how the government and media intersect."

As for New Yorkers, commuters at the Port Authority Terminal in Midtown Manhattan, one of the city's major transportation centers, some liked the idea of Gore coming to New York. Others didn't.

"Aren't the Clinton's enough? You have to be kidding," said Anthony Martino of Manhattan. Richard Auerbach of Queens was also taken by surprise. "Why is it that everyone I voted against is now living here?" William O'Reilly of Manhattan gave the analogy, "Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach."

But the former vice president also has some admirers, who are happy to hear that "Professor Gore" is destined to teach at Columbia. DeMarr Benson of Manhattan said, "As much I'd love having Al Gore in New York City, I wish he would have been president." His friend, who didn't want to give her name, embraced the idea as well. "It's a shame he's only teaching at Columbia. I wish he was my teacher too."

While Gore, who was a reporter at The Tennessean in Nashville in the 1970's will now become a teacher, it's unclear if he will reside in Manhattan, or just find a place to stay when in town to teach. His former boss, Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton own a home in nearby Chappaqua, and it is rumored that Bill Clinton will get an apartment in Midtown Manhattan.

That thought crossed the mind of one woman in a rush to get to the subway. "If Gore bunks with Bill Clinton in Midtown, he can just hop on the #1 Train straight to Columbia!"

The "typical" New Yorker may have been Tom, who said he voted for Al Gore in the presidential election and was in a rush to catch a bus. "Why would I give [care], I don't even go to Columbia!"