New York Daily News Asks Readers to Print Coupon-Style Gun Ban Petition

By Eric Scheiner | January 14, 2013 | 11:26 AM EST


New York Daily News Gun Control Petition (Web Image)

( - The New York Daily News claims over 126-thousand people have signed the paper’s petition to ban “all military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”

The petition, which has appeared as a coupon-style cutout in the digital publication, has received an immediate response according to the paper.

“What more could Washington need? What more than 126,952 petitions urging the most reasonable restrictions on ownership of weaponry that is designed for mass killing and that has been put repeatedly to full lethal use?” The paper published in Monday’s opinion section touting the petition effort.

The coupon-style cut out petition reads, “If you agree with an assault weapons ban, please sign the petition by printing out this article, cutting out this form and mailing it to address listed.” The address given is that of the New York Daily News offices.

The petition says, “Yes I support a ban on all military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines.” It cut out also features a picture of the New York Daily News cover from Dec. 18, 2012, featuring a graphic of the Capitol building covered with blood and the caption “Blood On Your Hands”.

The New York Daily News is also promoting a similar online petition. It promises signees that their name and part of any comments they make may be published, but their addresses and e-mail addresses will not.

Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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