New Website to Give Citizens Cash Incentive to Hold Public Officials Accountable

By | March 2, 2010 | 10:41 AM EST

( - A conservative group is launching a Web site to try to hold public officials accountable for their actions.
The site, “,” aims at generating tips from the general public on displays of arrogance by elected public officials on all levels of government, with cash prizes to the best submitted examples.
Colin Hanna, the creator of the site, told he hopes to address a serious subject with an element of humor.
“I want to send a message to conservatives that 2010 provides a strategic opportunity to actually run against arrogance,” he said.

Hanna, the president of Let Freedom Ring, is warning incumbent office holders -- and anyone elected for their first-term in 2010 -- to be careful not to display arrogance while in office.

"If they do, the same forces who got them into office will turn around and bite them,” Hanna said. 

Hanna said with the burgeoning Tea Party Movement, now is the perfect time to launch the Web site. 

“People are increasingly aware of the unbridled arrogance they are seeing- particularly from the Democrats in the House and Senate,” Hanna said.

Hanna said record spending, government overreach, taxpayer bailouts, the economic “stimulus” bills, lawmakers passing 1,000-page that no one has read.bills that aren't being read have all been triggers of widespread public objection. 

What hasn't been clear is that there is a common thread linking all those issues -- arrogance in office.

"It's not just the president, or Harry Reid, or Speaker Pelosi- but widespread arrogance in office,” Hanna told
The Web site is designed to encourage citizens to send examples of arrogance in office, as displayed in all three branches of government -- executive, legislative, and judicial -- at the federal, state, county and local levels. 

 Submissions will be voted on at the end of every month, and the public will decide the greatest display of arrogance. Those who submit the best examples will win attractive cash prizes, says Hanna.
The first place winner -- as determined by the public -- will receive a $1,000 cash price; the second place winner will receive $500 and third place will receive $250.
“Bottom line is we want to make a point about the public's reaction against arrogance in office, all at the same time of poking fun at the most egregious examples of it,” Hanna said.