New PAC for Lawmakers Who Upheld Terri Schiavo's Right to Life

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:05 PM EDT

( - A conservative advocacy group has announced a campaign to support elected officials who backed Terri Schiavo's fight for life.

"Terri's List" is a political action campaign formed to counter "TerriPAC," set up by Terri's husband Michael Schiavo.

"We'll match 'TerriPAC' dollar for dollar, ad for ad if we have to," said William Greene, president of the PAC. "We cannot simply sit by and allow solid, pro-life politicians to be targeted by the pro-death forces."

Michael Schiavo fought a long court battle and was finally successful in his effort to have Terri's feeding and hydration tubes removed.

The incapacitated woman died last year, about 15 years after she collapsed for reasons that have never been fully explained.

Michael's insistence on letting Terri die when her family desperately wanted her to live upset many Americans. Others said Michael -- who fathered two children with another woman -- was doing what Terri would have wanted him to do.

Michael recently married the mother of his children.

Terri's plight pitted pro-life groups not only against Michael Schiavo, but also against activist judges who ruled that Terri's husband had the right to starve her to death.

"The right to life is enshrined in our Constitution -- it's not some regulation to be implemented or law to be interpreted one way or the other," Green said. "With 'Terri's List, we can stand up for that principle and fight back against those who would see it destroyed." describes itself as a web-based, conservative organization, dedicated to giving hundreds of thousands of "hardworking, patriotic Americans a strong collective voice in the political process."

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