New Conservative Group Vows To Stop Clinton's Governing Excesses

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( - President Clinton has been governing too much by executive orders, and a new group wants to stop that practice. The American Civil Rights Union, based in San Diego, CA has begun operations and vows to fight against the Clinton administration issuing more regulations and executive orders.

The group also vows to keep the federal government within its constitutional power.

Speaking at a Capitol Hill conference on the environment and politics, sponsored by Frontiers of Freedom, Robert Carleson, President of the American Civil Rights Union told his group "will be a constructive alternative to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)."

When Clinton finds he can't get things through Congress, simply does it by executive order, and then he directs his departments to issue regulations that are, in effect, in place of legislation," Carleson said.

However, Carleson believes the United States Supreme Court is catching on to Clinton's ways.

"Fortunately, the Supreme Court is starting to declare some of these regulations beyond the scope of the authority of the executive branch, such as the Environmental Protection Agency regulations which were recently thrown out by the United States Supreme Court.

"But this does not stop the administration from going ahead and issuing more regulations and more executive orders because the people that are adversely affected by these are little people," Carleson said.

The little people Carleson referred to are "the people that own farms. They are people who want to use the recreational areas. They are people who don't have the resources to fight these regulations and these executive orders in the court."

It is for those reasons and others, according to Carleson, the American Civil Rights Union was founded.

"We're not only going to defend rights of (Boy) Scouts to speak and have their freedom of association, but we're also going to be fighting to protect the property rights which are being taken away in violation of the Fifth Amendment, which is the taking of private property for public use without just compensation," Carleson said.

Carleson added that his group will help defend citizens when the federal government violates the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, which he believes the federal government does often by overriding the power of state and local jurisdictions on many issues.

The American Civil Rights Union will be based in San Diego. Among those on its policy board are former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese and former Nixon Attorney General and one time Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.

"We're going to embark on a long range effort to start to defend all of the rights that are in the Bill of Rights. We're going to have as our first priority opposing the ACLU where they are trying to restrict people's rights," Carleson said.

Carleson stated that the group will have offices in both San Diego and Washington, DC.

Carleson, himself, is a public policy and management consultant in San Diego. He served in then-Governor Ronald Reagan administration while Reagan was Governor of California in the 1960's.